The upgrading of Chinese agriculture equipment mechanization is one of "Made in China 2025"(the Chinese government's 5 years plan)major targets. In this webinar, the newest Israeli agri-tech trends and innovation will be introduced followed by Israeli companies sharing their recent experience and knowledge in agri-tech industry.

《中国制造2025》中国5年计划文件中指出,主要目标之一是升级中国的机械化和农业设备。以色列如今有大量致力于农业科技研发的企业和科研院所,不断向世界输出灌溉系统、温室大棚、田间传感器、无人机等先进农业技术。 本次活动,我们将分享以色列农业技术的最新动态,分享更多中以农业合作商机。

Time: 16:00 Beijing Time, May 27th, 2020

时间:5月27日16:00 (北京时间)

Language: Chinese


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4:00 PM - 4:05 PM
4:05 PM - 4:20 PM
Latest trends of Israeli agriculture industry
4:20 PM - 4:35 PM
Netafim: Optimizing Greenhouse Solutions to Suit Any Climate or Crop
4:35 PM - 4:50 PM
Dagan Agriculture: Growing Healthy Food for Chinese Folks
4:50 PM - 5:05 PM
Etza Agriculture: Building the Whole Industrial Chain of Agriculture


  • Ariel Briskin金瑞安 (GM at IsCham)

    Ariel Briskin金瑞安

    GM at IsCham

    Ariel Briskin graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Department of East Asian Studies and Political Science. Prior to his studies, he completed his service in the Israeli Army as a Pilot Training Commander. Ariel has been living in China for the past 7 years, during which he studied in Sichuan University, as well as managed an Israeli Company based in Guangdong for over 3 years. These days, Ariel Briskin serves in Beijing as the General Manager of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China (IsCham), and strives to utilize IsCham as a leading platform to boost cooperation between China and Israel. Ariel speaks fluent Chinese, English, Hebrew and Russian.

    金瑞安毕业于耶路撒冷希伯来大学,东亚研究专业。在他取得学士学位前,曾作为飞行员训练指挥官在以色列国防军服役。金瑞安已在中国生活7年。在此期间,他在四川大学完成了汉语学习项目,并在广东一家以色列公司担任了3 年的职业经理人。如今,金瑞安在任中国以色列商会总经理,并努力运用商会作为主导平台推动中以商业合作。金瑞安能说流利的汉语,英语,俄语和希伯来语。

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  • Ismail Zhang (Chief Rep. of Ekpac Beijing Office at Ekpac)

    Ismail Zhang

    Chief Rep. of Ekpac Beijing Office at Ekpac


    Ismail Zhang is the chief representative of Ekpac China Co., Ltd. Beijing Office; General Manager of Ekpac Agricultural Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. He has been engaged in the management of foreign government loan projects for 25 years. The organization has accumulated rich experience in the rules, requirements and reporting conditions of financial loans of foreign government, as well as the development of projects and solution.

    张国华是维昌洋行中国有限公司北京办事处首席代表;维昌盛德农业科技(北京)有限公司总经理。 从事外国政府贷款项目管理25年,对以色列财政贷款的规则,要求及申报条件,以及对项目的开发,组织积累了丰富的经验,能够为项目单位提供符合以色列财政贷款条件,满足用户需求的资金解决方案

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  • Yu Wang (Manager of Greenhouse Dept. at Netafim)

    Yu Wang

    Manager of Greenhouse Dept. at Netafim


    Netafim™ Greenhouse, one of the world's leading greenhouse solution providers, has accrued vast global experience in providing highly specialized, state-of-the-art greenhouse systems, commercial greenhouses and greenhouse equipment. Our locally based teams tailor high-quality, turnkey greenhouse projects delivering comprehensive solutions for enhancing crops and managing climate control while aiding clients to adhere to their budgets and ensure a return on investment.

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  • Kella Near (Dagan Agriculture Automation Ltd.)

    Kella Near

    Dagan Agriculture Automation Ltd.


    Dagan is a worldwide multi-business company which has been known, for many years, in its positive and reliable reputation as one of Israel's most pronounced leading companies in the field of Agricultural and its diversified branches, inclusive of advanced automation solutions and executing large-scale Agricultural Projects around the World.

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  • Sophia Li (Managing Partner at Etza Agriculture)

    Sophia Li

    Managing Partner at Etza Agriculture


    Sophia is seasoned global business leader and has been leading global business success with ETZA Agriculture, AT&T,Royal Philips in the past 15 years. Sophia’s greatest strengths are on business strategy, leadership and partnership and invited as main speaker for various governmental forums.
    Sophia lives in Shanghai with her husband and son. In her personal time, she serves as mentor for over 5000 people community.

    Etza Agriculture is a leading consulting company for vegetable growers in southern Israel.Our services are tailored to support small operations of several hectares, as well as large farms of hundreds of hectares, open fields and greenhouses.Our clients enjoy close, hands-on supervision from the planning, pre-sowing/planting stages through to the final harvest.

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