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On July 6 at 14:30 Beijing time ( 9:30 am Israel time) , IsCham, China Israel Jizhi (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd and Ekpac invite you to learn of the Business opportunities in the Chinese Agriculture market!

Agriculture is an important economic sector in China, employing over 300 million farmers, China ranks first in worldwide farm output.

China is targeting to turn independent in food manufacturing, which is a major motivation factor for the government to improve its agriculture, at all aspects.

China's 5-year plan and other government support policies all focus on developing advanced agriculture.

As China has vast territory and many different landscapes, improving its agriculture is a challenge -

China needs innovation, technology, and education in order to upgrade and advance its agriculture.

Therefore, Chinese local government and entities are constantly seeking for new innovative agriculture companies, such as the ones Israel as to offer.

In this event, major players in the Chinese Agriculture sector will present business opportunities open to Israeli companies in China.

Join this event if you're interested in:

* The investment and business opportunities in the Chinese agriculture market

* Meeting Chinese Agriculture entities and present them your innovative solutions

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For any questions please contact: rachel@ischam.org


14:30 - 14:35
Welcoming Words - Dr. Iris Kastoriano, IsCham
14:35 - 14:40
Opening Words- Eve Ermichin, Head of economic & trade mission in Southwest China
14:40 - 14:50
Business Opportunities for Israeli Agriculture Companies in Guangzhou - Keynote
14:50 - 15:00
How to Facilitate China-Israel Agricultural Cooperation by Financial Protocol - Keynote
15:00 - 15:50
Israeli Smart Agriculture Companies Roadshow


  • Dr.Iris Kastoriano (General Manager at IsCham)

    Dr.Iris Kastoriano

    General Manager at IsCham

    IsCham is a no-profit, non-governmental organization, that works in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel in China, Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel, Consulate General of Israel in China, Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

    IsCham aims to represent and assist the Sino-Israeli business community in developing commercial relations between China, Israel, and the Jewish world. IsCham strives to help Israeli and Chinese business succeed through networking events, business roadshows, public relations, consultancy and business support services. We support both Israeli and Chinese companies, whether they are already conducting business in China, Israel or wish to take their first steps in these important markets.

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  • Eve Ermichin (Head of economic & trade mission in Southwest China at ministry of economy & industry israel)

    Eve Ermichin

    Head of economic & trade mission in Southwest China at ministry of economy & industry israel

    The Economic and Trade Mission to Southwest China promotes bilateral economic relations with four provinces in China: Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, and Guizhou, by building and supporting different platforms for cooperation both between governments and businesses. In her role, Eve focus in the promotion of bilateral trade, investments, joint ventures, and cross-border R&D between Israeli and Chinese companies.

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  • Litchie Lee (Co-founder of China Israel Jizhi Technology Co. Ltd (Guangzhou))

    Litchie Lee

    Co-founder of China Israel Jizhi Technology Co. Ltd (Guangzhou)


    Co-founder of China Israel Jizhi Technology Co.ltd (Guangzhou)
    & CEO of China Israel Innovation Release

    China Israel Jizhi Technology Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou) ("CIIZ") is a senior operating organization for the integration of industrial elements and resources. The company serves the market demand in China by introducing high-value element resources such as innovative technology, projects, products, talents, and channels from Israel, and finally realizes market-oriented value.

    Jizhi can offer Israeli companies the following:
    1) China market exposure
    2) Resource potential partners and/or clients
    3) Potential investment

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  • Alvin Chan (Chairman at Ekpac)

    Alvin Chan

    Chairman at Ekpac

    Alvin Chan 陳大枝
    Chairman 行政總裁
    Our Mission: Aggregating global resources to facilitate the urbanisation process in China with Technology.
    Our Vision: Striving to make the World Healthier & More Sustainable Through Innovation.
    Our Current Model : Aggregating global resources through our integrated solution platform, we provide cutting edge technology equipment and financing for China’s key service providers in high growth sectors, whereby facilitating the urbanization process in China.

    In the last decade, Ekpac has complete a dozen agriculture projects, including High-Efficiency and Water-Saving, Corp and Plant Cultivation, Husbandry and more, the accumulated amount is up to USD 300 million.

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