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"Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael" (KKL) played a major role in founding the State of Israel. Since its establishment in 1901, KKL has served as a trustee in the name of the Jewish people over the Jewish lands of Israel. KKL owns approximately 12.5% of the total land. For over a century and still today, KKL is in charge of developing the lands of Israel for a sustainable future, supporting national environmental projects, R&D and environmental education.

KKL is Israel's largest and the oldest environmental organization.

KKL is leading the way for a more sustainable Israel. Operations in Israel are concentrated into six main action areas that include:

  1. Forestry and Combating Desertification
  2. Water Management and Wastewater Recycling
  3. Research and Development
  4. Community Development and Periphery Empowerment
  5. Food Security and Renewable Energy
  6. Education

KKL advances relations with countries, organizations and people worldwide that wish to cooperate with Israel to promote environmental projects and knowledge exchange. KKL's partners are spread throughout the globe, each one of them working to advance the principles of harmony between people and their environment in Israel and around the world. KKL has over 40 offices around the world.

This webinar aims to bring awareness about KKL and its activities to Chinese audience. If you are interested in topics of environment, sustainability, new agriculture, water and land, and education, or you're a Israel-lover, please come and join us to meet KKL!

Time: 10:00 am Israel Time (15:00 China Time), Oct 20th, 2020

Language: English (Chinese interpretation is provided)


10 AM - 10:10 AM
Opening Words and Introduction by IsCham Chairman
10:10 AM - 10:35 AM
Keynote: Get to know KKL
During this session, Dr. Doron Markel, the chief scientist will give a keynote speech about KKL.
10:35 AM - 11:05 AM
Pitch Session: Israeli Environment Related Companies
The pitchers are to be confirmed.


  • Yuval Ben Sadeh (Chairman at IsCham)

    Yuval Ben Sadeh

    Chairman at IsCham

    Mr. Yuval Ben Sadeh graduated with a degree in Hydraulic Agro Engineering from Israel
    Mr. Ben Sadeh worked for 18 years as Export & Marketing Manager for one of the leading Israeli companies manufacturing filtration and water systems for Agriculture and industries. During that time, he was in-charge for hundreds of training sessions and qualifying worldwide teams all over the world.
    In 1999, Mr. Ben Sadeh arrived to china first time for market research. He established office and activity for his company and lead a team of distributors all over china main-land
    In 2008, Mr. Ben Sadeh established his own company in China for Water Treatment and Water Recycling. Leading Chinese team and offering to the water environment sector solutions of the most advanced innovative technologies developed in different Israeli universities.
    Among his activities as a service for the Sino-Israeli business community, Mr. Ben Sadeh holds the position of IsCham Chairman
    IsCham – a non-profit organization that its members are companies and people from Israel and from China are active to promote business and culture mutual activities.

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  • Doron Markel (Chief Scientist at KKL 以色列国家基金)

    Doron Markel

    Chief Scientist at KKL 以色列国家基金


    Dr. Markel Serves as the Chief Scientist of KKL, deals with all research, and professional perspectives of core activities of the KKL.
    Until lately, Dr. Markel has served as the Head of the lake Kinneret & its Watershed monitoring and Management department at the Israeli Water Authority.
    Prior to his academic studies, Dr. Markel had served as a commander in one of the special units of the IDF.
    Dr. Markel received his doctorate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1999. His Ph.D. thesis dealt with the biogeochemical cycles of sulfur and iron in the reflooded Hula wetland, northern Israel.
    Dr. Markel had a mini sabbatical in the Institute of Environment & Sustainability, JRC of the EU, Ispra, Italy, in 2004-2005.
    Between 2008 and 2013 Dr. Markel has represented Israel at the Study Management Unit (SMU) for the Red Sea-Dead Sea Conveyance Feasibility Study, led by the World Bank.
    Dr. Markel serves also as an external lecturer at the geography department of Haifa University.

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