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Dear members and friends,

The annual meeting and election for IsCham China's 2016 Steering Committee is coming in less than 4 weeks! We'd like to inform you that the date has been adjusted to Friday, January 15th, at the IBCC-Israeli Business and Cultural Center in 798 Art Zone, starting from 15:00. We hope you SAVE THE DATE for January 15th, Friday, 2016!

On this note, we are also delighted to present you with the candidates for IsCham China's 2016 Steering Committee:

The current members of the Steering Committee - candidates for the next Steering Committee:
1. Mr. Yishai Aviram
2. Mr. Yuval Ben Sadeh
3. Mr. Mickey (Izhak Menachem) Mushinsky 

New candidates for the Steering Committee:
1. Mr. Ilia Cheremnikh
2. Mr. Colin Friedman
3. Mr. Eyal Shimoni

We wish to emphasize the importance of this process for IsCham China's future activity, and encourage all members to use their voting right.

The Voting Process

Please review the following instructions regarding the voting process:

General Information:
1. Only IsCham China's Israeli members are allowed to vote.
2. Each individual/corporate is entitled to one vote.
3. Each voter should fill out the voting form (click to open).
4. Choose 5 out of the 6 candidates for IsCham China's 2016 Steering Committee. A form with more than 5 candidates marked or an incomplete form will be disregarded.

Voting Schedule:
You can vote via email until January 10th or on election day at IBCC.

Voting via email (before January 10th):
Send an email to
The email title should be: Voting form by (name of voting member)
Email should include:
1. Signed voting form
2. A Copy of the passport page with the photo
3. Proxy form - if required

Voting on Election Day (January 15th):
Voting member should present:
1. ID with photo (passport preferred)
2. Copy of the proxy form - if required

Proxies should be signed and sent/carried in two cases (click to open proxy form):
1. Corporate Proxy - Corporate member nominated as the voter on the corporate's behalf (the voter could not be the corporate representative to IsCham).
2. Individual Proxy - Individuals who wish to appoint a member to vote on their behalf.

IsCham China Election Commission Members:

Mr. Nicolas Frischmann
Mrs. Efrat Perri
Mr. Michael Shnitzer


IsCham_Voting_Form_2016 .doc

IsCham Team

With Best Regards,

General Manager:
Mrs. Meirav Rene Shacked

Account Manager:
Miss. Isabella Li 
Project intern:
Miss. Neta-li Gorodetsky

Steering Committee Members:
Mr. Mickey Mushinsky Chairman
Mr. Yuval Ben Sadeh Vice Chairman 
Mr. Yishai Aviram Director
Mr. Boaz Rottenberg Director
Mr. Micha 
Duniza Director