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The Coronavirus Outbreak – a Crisis or an Opportunity?

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הידעת כי

שליש מכלכלת סין (3 טריליון דולר) מקורו בכלכלה הדיגיטלית״"

וגם ש

"במהלך משבר הקורונה בסין כ85% מהסינים התנסו בשירות אונליין חדש"

לשכת המסחר ישראל בסין, בשיתוף עמותת דרך המשי מזמינים אתכם ללמוד כיצד מעצמת האונליין האסייתית ממנפת יכולות דיגיטליות בזמן משבר הקורונה

:הפאנל יעסוק בשאלות

מסחר מקוון בסין- פלטפורמות לצמיחה

כלים דיגיטליים מובילים בסין - שימושים אפקטיבים

תרבות דיגיטלית- מינוף העסקים בזמן המשבר

בלוגרים וולוגרים בסין - עבודה נכונה


  • Anni Ben Yair (Head of Global Business Solutions, Game & Non game apps at TikTok)

    Anni Ben Yair

    Head of Global Business Solutions, Game & Non game apps at TikTok

    7+ years within the Gaming industry, including 3 based in Beijing, Anni has a great understanding of the business culture of Apps and Game developers , helping them grow their business using smart monetizing and UA tools.
    Anni is currently the first TikToker for the Tel Aviv office, leading the global sales for the Israeli market to grow their games outside of Israel, focusing in China.

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  • Raz Gal Or (Founder of Y-platform)

    Raz Gal Or

    Founder of Y-platform

    Raz Galor is the founder of a Media company with 60 million subscribers in China and worldwide. Raz is originally from Israel and lived in China for the last 12 years. Fluent in Hebrew, English and Mandarin. Graduated from Peking University in Beijing.
    In 2016 under INNONATION he founded a global video content “Y-platform” which runs one of the most popular online video channels in China. Raz was also chosen as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018. He is known as “the most popular young foreigner in China”. Y-platform has completed 3 rounds of investments, led by Amir Gal-Or, Will Hunting Capital, Kunlun Capital and “China’s Twitter” Sina Weibo.

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  • Tslil Kleiman (General Manager at Via Meshi)

    Tslil Kleiman

    General Manager at Via Meshi


    Holding an M.A in Communication from Nanjing University, with over 10 years of experience working with the Chinese market, Tslil is currently the GM at Via Meshi, IsCham's strategic partner in Israel, an NGO dedicated to assist Israeli companies in their endeavors in the Chinese market.
    Prior to joining IsCham, Tslil served as the Communication Manager at the Israeli Embassy in Beijing and as a Marketing Manager at SIT China in Shanghai.

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  • Shlomi Mahfuda (מקים at Up2china)

    Shlomi Mahfuda

    מקים at Up2china

    Shlomi, graduated from the Hebrew University, is an innovative entrepreneur who posses an excellent command of foreign languages and strong analytic abilities. His understanding in Marketing and Chinese E-commerce helped lots of companies to build their online presence and sales channels in the Chinese market.

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  • Bora Shnitman (VP Client Strategy at Dragon Trail Interactive)

    Bora Shnitman

    VP Client Strategy at Dragon Trail Interactive


    Bora fulfilled the role of Israel Tourism attaché in China between 2015-2019 responsible for Israel tourism promotion in mainland China. He has a BA in International Relations and East Asia studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and holds an executive MBA from Haifa University. He also attended a one-year course in Shaanxi normal university with the focus on Chinese language and culture.
    Bora has extensive experience of working in international marketing, PR, international tourism and business project management. In his current role he is responsible for building digital marketing strategy for international clientele who are interested to raise their brand awareness in China.

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